Numbered Comments

This is a super fun little add on service that I’m now providing to make your blog comments more attractive and easier to manage. With this service you will get coordinating / matching comment bubbles in whichever shape you desire in your comments area of your blog.  With this service I will be switching your comments settings to cause them to be “embedded” (which will list all comments directly below the post itself) and give them a cute little comments icon. I will be installing this service FOR you therefore blog log in information is required. All of this information will need to be filled out and returned to me after purchase. You will be directed to my Extra’s  Order Form’s Page so you can grab the form for which you just purchased, fill it out and email it to detailed information is on my Extra’s Order Form Page as well! The numbered comments graphics are visible in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


Here are some previews of matching embedded comments:




There are two payment options. If you are ordering this service AS I AM DOING YOUR BLOG MAKEOVER THAT YOU JUST PURCHASED please choose the first $10.00 option. If you are coming to me after I’ve created your blog, or someone else has created your blog and you just want this service alone, please choose the second $15.00 option! Thank you!

 All payments are through Paypal where I am verified.

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