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Hello! Do you need to ask me a question or report a problem? If you have a pricing question regarding order a 2 column blog, please visit HERE– all prices are listed at the bottom of the order page. If you have a pricing question regarding a 3 column blog, please visit HERE– all prices are listed at the bottom of the order page. Do you have a question regarding my blinkies that I create- then please visit HERE to pick from and order different sized blinkies- all pricing and ordering for blinkies are on each of the sized pages. Want to order a blinkie package that I don’t have listed on this website, then please fill out the form below! Have a question regarding my Extra services I offer like the HTML Snag Box for buttons/blinkies? or Facebook Timeline Cover Photo’s to match your blog makeover (or not)… then please visit this page HERE and click whichever extra you are interested in- purchase options are on each of the extra’s individual page.


Did you need to contact me regarding your blog graphics disappearing? Have no fear! I host all of my client’s blog graphics and blinkies through They are a trust worthy company whom I’ve been using for several years. I have 2 pro accounts with the company which means that I pay every month for two different accounts through Photobucket, guaranteeing that even though your graphics may have a hiccup every once in a while while for a very short time while Photobucket tends to server issues, your graphics will not be gone forever and I sincerely apologize for the interruption of your blog graphics. At times, every website and server has a small amount of “down time” while issues and/or updates are taken care of. These “down times” can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or more- I can’t help these things- they are beyond my control, but I promise that Photobucket (or whomever is being used to host the graphics, I’ve been known to use [who is also OWNED by the Photobucket company] or is working hard to fix any issues its users may be experiencing. I thank you for your patience and understanding during times like this! There is no need to contact me regarding the dreaded “red x”, my photo hosting sites surely have everything under control and your images should come back shortly! Thank you! 🙂


The above statement does not include if you’ve edited or altered the coding that I use when installing graphics to your blog. All of the images and codes are in 100% working order when I install them onto your blog. If you are feeling particularly confident in your ability to edit/adjust the image coding or any other custom coding I’m using on your blog makeover and you make an oops and/or break an image on your blog, this is by no fault of my own and I will not be held liable/responsible. I guarantee my work at the time of install, if you take it upon yourself to change or alter my work and it ruins or breaks your blog- I’m very sorry. You can check out my Broken Blog service and we can possibly discuss repairing the issues.


*Edited to add* Do you have your OWN hosting account that you pay for monthly or yearly? If you do, and have all of your FTP information, there is a good chance that I can upload your graphics through YOUR OWN FTP and you can host your own graphics, using direct links so that as long as you have your own hosting account and pay for it regularly and keep it up to date, your graphics will have fewer down times. Paying for your own hosting/FTP access does not mean that your graphics WON’T EVER have any down time though, please keep this in mind! Everything on the internet is not 100% working 100% all of the time, sometimes updates and issues arise in whomever you’re hosting with. But my uploading the graphics that I create for you and your blog with YOUR OWN host means that you will then be in charge of keeping your graphics safe and your hosting account alive and active (meaning paying your hosting bill on time, not messing with any folders within your FTP that I used to upload your graphics to etc.). This is probably a more “advanced” method of hosting graphics, and if you are not sure what any of the above info means (FTP, paid hosting etc) then it’s probably best we don’t go that route! But I am making this an option when it comes to graphics hosting, if you do not feel comfortable having me host your graphics through Photobucket.


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