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Hi there! A mini Blog Makeover is a fun way to liven up your blog for your visitors and even yourself, through the holiday seasons, or if you want to advertise a particular event like a birthday!


I’m offering two different and separate services- a Mini Makeover for your Header, and a Mini Makeover for your page which includes theme’d  falling/cascading elements that float down your page.


Mini Makeover- Header Includes:

Adding theme’d items to your header attractively, re-uploading/hosting new header and installing.

This service also includes my removing the theme’d header and replacing it with your old header!


$15.00 Add to cart





Mini Makeover – Falling Elements Includes:

Creating 4 separate items/elements to fall/cascade down your page. Elements will range in opacity randomly per the custom coding, this is normal.

Installing the coding onto your blog and hosting the images.

This service also includes the removal of the coding/images from your blog when you want it “back to normal”.


$20.00 for the initial install, $10.00 for return visitors who’ve already paid the initial install fee.

I have two payment options as you can see for this service. If you have NEVER purchased this service from me, please choose option #1, Initial Install- this includes me writing up the coding, creating the graphics, hosting the graphics, and installing the coding onto your blog.

If you have purchased this service from me in the past and have had falling elements created by me, and installed by me, then please choose option #2, Return Visit- this includes me creating new graphics for your old coding, replacing the hosted graphics into your old coding and re-installing onto your blog.

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All payments are through Paypal where I am verified.

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