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*For Blogger Platform Only*

$10.00 for customer who are ADDING the mapped header option to the blog makeover they JUST purchased. If you require me to create a header for your blog you have had created by someone else, or are a returning customer from BEFORE this purchase looking for an upgrade on your header, then the fee is $30. Please choose the appropriate option above.

A “mapped header” is a header on your blog that has integrated linking buttons or images within the whole header graphic. When blog visitors hover over a particular graphic or phrase on your header, it will be “click’able”. The visitor would click that portion of your header and they will be taken to where ever that particular image or phrase states. So say your header has buttons that are in the form of a phrase that say HOME, MY VIDEOS, MY GALLERY etc etc. The visitor would be able to click on these particular phrases within your header and be taken to those locations. Phrases and URLS must be provided when purchasing this extra. This is usually an ADD on for a blog makeover package, so a couple of different payment options are below. Please pay attention to which payment option pertains to you. Thank you!

Here are some examples of a mapped header 🙂 They can be fun additions to your website or blog! The red arrows are pointing to the buttons in the headers.

 All payments are through Paypal where I am verified.

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