Terms & Conditions


Payment in full is due before I begin your project. Billing is handled through Paypal with a Paypal account, or without a Paypal account by using your credit card THROUGH Paypal.


I provide an adequate amount of previews regarding the styles of blogs and/or blinkies that I can design throughout this website, so refunds are not generally an option. I have faith that I can design a top quality, stylish and acceptable blinkie and/or blog for my customers, and will design the item in question until the customer is 100% satisfied with their blinkie and/or blog but please keep in mind that I do charge for excessive revisions of blogs or blinkies. Excessive = more than twice that I have to edit/alter a design after it’s been completed to the customers standards (ie. customer changes mind after they express that job has been completed to their liking).

My To Do List & Completion/Response Times

E-mails regarding orders are answered within a 48 hour period of them being received. You are welcome to check my To Do List on my website front page to see where I’m at, I try and keep my To Do List updated often and will change dates if a project has been canceled or completed. Blogs are generally completed within 2 weeks of payment being processed. Most are done sooner, depending on my To Do List (on website main page) and depending on how long the customer takes to provide me with pertinent information (forms, supplies etc). Blinkies are generally completed w/in 3 days of payment being processed depending on when you place your order. Again, this is dependent upon my To Do List and how long the customer takes to provide me with pertinent information (forms, supplies etc). You will be notified by e-mail if the length of time to complete either a blog or a blinkie is longer than what is stated on this website. Please provide a VALID e-mail address that I can contact you at throughout the design process as well as approve the e-mail address DESIGNSBYSARAHBRYAN@GMAIL.COM in your spam settings. I e-mail my customers as soon as possible after payment has been received. If I do not have any correspondence from you, then I cannot make the blinkie or blog of your dreams in any sort of timely manner. I will attempt correspondence twice, and after that, it will be up to the customer to contact me at their convenience. Therefore, in these situations, blogs and/or blinkies will not be completed in the time frame mentioned above. I encourage you to fill out your order form whether it be for a custom blog or blinkie completely and fully  to the best of your ability. This also goes for any logo design, Facebook profile image design, or any other custom graphics services seen on my website. And if you ever have any questions through the process, to please contact me through e-mail.

Graphics Purchasing

I do not purchase the “vector images” that you see in many of my blog layout previews. My prices are lower than most graphic designers out there that offer blog makeover services because I require my customers to purchase any vector graphics, so that they hold the licensing to the image featured on their blog. I do request the permission to use the vector graphics for their project alone and do not reuse any customer purchased vectors in any way/shape/form. All graphics are purchased by blog owners and they retain the licensing and rights to use the graphics as they see fit under the terms and conditions of the vector designer/creator. I also have digital kits that I design/create for sale in my digital scrapbooking store HERE that can be used in the design process at no extra cost to the client. If the client needs me to purchase a digital kit, or elements/supplies elsewhere, then the client must submit payment for the items.


Blog makeover revisions are included in the cost of each element of your design, as long as it does not become excessive. If I have to revise something more than twice, or if you change your mind about something that you have specifically asked me to include previously (a certain background paper or style, a certain font, switching the general layout from 2 columns to 3 or back again, etc.) you may incur a fee based on the amount of time it will take me to make the change. I charge at a rate of $20/hour to alter graphics more than twice once they’ve been designed and approved by you in regards to blog design. I charge a rate of $20/hour to alter graphics more than twice once they’ve been designed and approved of by you in regards to any other graphics design (blinkies, Facebook profile images and so forth). Any revisions after I have installed your design on your blog (and gotten your approval) will be billed at $30/hour. Any revisions after I’ve completed and delivered any other graphics such as blinkies, Facebook profile images etc will be billed at $20/hour.


I’ll work on your design on my test blog where you’ll be able to view it and give me your feedback as I go. I generally start with the background and build from there. I’ll send you the link to my test blog once I get started on your design. My time frame for completing each design is 2 weeks and depends on how thoroughly you’ve completed your forms and how quickly you respond to any e-mails I send to you. Therefore, you must understand that since this is partially a “customer led” process, time frames may vary. It’s very helpful if you check your e-mail often while I am working on your design in case I have any questions or need additional information from you. I also ask that you not make any changes to your blog while I am installing your new design.

Sidebar Content

You will be able to fully customize your sidebar widgets and pages once I am finished. I am also happy to help organize and simplify your current sidebars during installation, although ultimately you are responsible for your sidebar content. But I will need to be notified of this prior to installing. When I make sidebar labels, often times I’m not 100% sure into which gadget/widget they need to go, therefore, more times than not, I will install them at the very top of your sidebar, and you can be in charge of dragging and dropping the sidebar labels where ever you need them. If it’s clear and obvious (like with “Archives”, “Followers”) where the sidebar labels go, I will place them properly.


I install credits, with a link back to my site, and the designer of the digi-scrap kit or creator of the layout template used at the bottom of every blog I design. That information is required to remain on your blog as long as you are using the design. If you remove the credit link, you also agree to remove every part of your design created by myself including custom graphics that I’ve hosted. I reserve the right to remove any hosted blog graphics that I’m personally hosting for you if you remove the credits from your blog.

Portfolio Use

I may or may not use a screen shot of your blog or other graphic elements that I have custom designed for you and use them on my website. I generally alter the screen shot to remove any personal information. If you do not want your design used in my Portfolio, you must specifically tell me so, otherwise, it may or may not be used w/o notice.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. I reserve the right to refuse service to any customer at any time through the design process and issue a partial refund based on any unsavory behavior or actions from the customer to myself. Thank you for understanding!